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CAP Entertainment Group (CAP) is an international

entertainment corporation based in Tokyo, Japan.

Our main focus is the development and production of entertainment content (movies, television series, music, etc.) from Japan and distributing it to the world. As Japan is not internationally known as an entertainment originator, CAP will bring forth a revolution in Japanese entertainment that transcends the world’s borders.


Creating new and desired movie/television/music entertainment, that rivals the U.S., will be the key ingredient to our success and what separates us from our competition here in Japan. We will create and distribute productions that are in-line with the wants of the consumer and possess the same quality as those from Hollywood, the world leader in film and television entertainment. CAP will assist

those smaller companies with advisory, production,and distribution assistance to aid in this entertainment revolution.






Yes, we specialize in the production and distribution of entertainmentcontent. But CAP also provides other entertainment services for larger corporations; small companies; and the individuals wishing to take on the world on their own. With a vast amount of areas in the entertainment industry; CAP can help you with all your entertainment needs.